Drawn to Science Education: Studying Science Teaching and Learning through Drawings
Drawing of students learning science by study participant.  

Teacher: Christina

"Draw your students learning science."

Strand 2: Come to generate, understand, remember and use concepts, explanations, arguments, models and facts related to science.

Score = 4

In this drawing, students are engaging in a number of science learning activities related to the anatomy of the human skeleton. A skeleton was included in the drawing which we believed represented a visual model. One of the students in the drawing is offering an explanation ("B/C it’s in the front") in response to another student’s question ("How do you know?"). Students at the listening center are memorizing facts through the use of a song. We further believed that the topic of anatomy represented a scientific concept. Because there was evidence of the presence of models, explanations, facts and concepts, we awarded this drawing a score of four for strand two.