Drawn to Science Education: Studying Science Teaching and Learning through Drawings
Drawing of students learning science by study participant.  

Teacher: Ellen

"Draw your students learning science."

Strand 1: Experience excitement, interest and motivation to learn about phenomena in the natural and physical world.

Score = 4

Drawings that included both smiling figures and specific indicators such as the use of descriptive words "fun" or other exclamations of excitement, interest and motivation received a score of four. This drawing depicts students discussing and exploring rocks. The students were drawn with smiling faces and they demonstrated excitement through their statements. Specifically, excitement, interest and motivation was represented in the drawing through the illustrator's use of exclamation marks in the comment bubbles. For instance, the male student’s comment states, "I like this one!" Because the drawing included smiling faces as well as other expressions of excitement, interest and motivation, it received a score of four.