Drawn to Science Education: Studying Science Teaching and Learning through Drawings
Drawing of students learning science by study participant.  

Teacher: Carla

"Draw your students learning science."

Strand 1: Experience excitement, interest and motivation to learn about phenomena in the natural and physical world.

Score = 1

A score of one indicated negative facial expressions or comments suggesting boredom, lack of interest or motivation. For this drawing, a teacher depicted a science lesson she observed in a colleague’s classroom. The other teacher was represented as lecturing in front of the classroom. Students were shown falling asleep in the drawing as represented by the "ZZZ" illustrated in the picture. Written on the board were the rules, "Don't talk" and "Don't smile." Students appeared off-task as was demonstrated by one student throwing an item at another student in the picture. The lack of interest, boredom, and negative comments represented in the illustration were evidence for assigning this drawing a score of one.