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Teacher Research: Action Research for Teachers

Action Research for Teachers is often called Teacher Research, although the two terms are used interchangeably. For example, Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research at the University of Wisconsin provides an extensive archive of peer reviewed articles about action research (kindergarten to postgraduate). While the title uses the term, "Teacher Research", the journal is described as offering "a place for sharing reports of action research."

As you search the web it is often helpful to search using both keyword phrases. Searching on "teacher research" will help you find sites like the Networks journal that you will not find if you search on "action research". For example, when searching on "action research questions" you might also want to consider the phrase "teacher research questions" as well. This is particularly important when you are trying to find information for specific information such as action research in science or action research in ESL.

Often a combination of the terms, such as "Teacher Action Research", can lead to productive searches. As you search for resources to guide your efforts to research your own teaching, being aware of the various keyword terms will help you find resources that fit your own teaching context.

For information on teacher action research the following sections on this website may be good places to start: